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Guide to buying an Engagement Ring

The beauty of engagement rings lies in the fact that it has immense mystique to immortalise love and act as souvenirs of priceless moments in a couple’s life together. As 80% of proposals embrace exclusive diamond engagement rings and carry a tag of ‘engaged to be married’, it is significant to buy the best quality diamond that reflects the aura of eternal love and commitment.
Buying the perfect diamond engagement ring will be a substantial purchase decision that will last a lifetime. It’s an investment and prized asset you ideally seek to make once, thus it is crucial that some effort is exercised in achieving the most spectacular ring - that will make your love traverse from finger to heart.

Step 1: Establish your Budget
While you are captivated in the purchasing process of an engagement ring, be it a diamond engagement ring or pre-set engagement ring for the better half you love, make certain you have set a budget well in advance. There is no right or wrong when it comes to spending on your dream engagement ring and be assured that an engagement ring with the highest-quality diamond does not quantify how much you love a person. Once you have a budget in mind, make an effort to stick to it since it will significantly assist you in unearthing for your loved one the ‘perfect diamond engagement ring’.

Spend some time discovering your diamond ring possibilities – what’s available and what are the varying standards on offer. Once you are acquainted with the choices, launch your budget. Your budget is determined on the basis of your income, what you feel secure spending and the kind of diamond you desire to buy.
Once you have propelled your budget, continue to remain firm — don't let an over enthusiastic jeweller/sales individual pitch you into going considerably over. Buying affordable diamond engagement rings should be your priority if you’re low on budget.
Lastly, your engagement ring budget will be constructed not merely on income, but also your awareness of diamonds (the "4 C’s", certification), so youshould have a decent idea of both- what you seek to buy and what you seek to spend.
If you've done your homework, there should be no nasty surprises at checkout.

Step 2- Learn About Diamonds
It is always advisable to invest some time in better understanding what the core attributes of a diamond are. The better your understanding of a diamond, the easier the process becomes in choosing for your loved one the perfect diamond engagement ring, solitaire diamond engagementring or pre-set diamond engagement ring.
Learning about diamonds is not as complex or mind boggling as you might think. The starting point should be gaining know-how on the 4 C’s -

  • Carat
  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut

By being aware of these imperative qualities, you can easilydecide which are most significant to you and can discover an equilibrium that best ensembles your requirements. To study more about the 4 Cs of diamonds, visit our Guide to Buying a Diamond.

Step 3- Choose the Setting
In the selection process, the role of choosing the right setting for the prospective engagement ring is imperative. The trendiest choice today is a rounddiamond solitaire engagement ring.
A ring’s ‘setting’ denotes the way a diamond is positioned on the ring. Like all other attributes of a diamond engagement ring, which setting you pick and choose lies mostly on your partner’s preferences.
Here’s a nippy introduction on some of the diverse types of settings, so you’re not entirely clueless as you browse our online store.

  • Tiffany Setting

This is one of the most popular settings, introduced by a renowned jewellery company that owns the name. It’s carries a classic, timeless and traditional look.

  • Eternity Band

 Contrary to a single diamond ring, an eternity band can also perform as your engagement ring with diamonds going all the way round.

  • Bezel Setting

A Bezel setting has a metal edge that surrounds the sides of the stone and widens a little above it. The rim can elongate around the diamond’s whole boundary or only a                      segment of it. A bezel setting holds a diamond strongly, and the low, defensive outline it forms makes a bezel setting a first-class choice for women with energetic lifestyles.

  • Channel Setting

With a channel setting, the diamond (or diamonds) is positioned into a metal channel. It can be utilised as an accent to a core diamond that’s placed on a prong.

  • Pave’ (pronounced Pa Vay)

This setting comprise of lots of diamonds placed jointly together, making it an unusual setting.

Step 4 - Diamond certification and Insurance
Before proceeding to checkout, we encourage you to check the certification of your chosen or desired diamond. Some of the most precise/well-accepted diamond grading labs comprise of:

  • European Gemmological Laboratory (EGL)
  • Gemmological Institute of America (GIA),
  • Precision Gem Grading Laboratory (PGGL)
  • International Gemmological Institute (IGI)

DiamondUK only stock and sell certified conflict-free diamonds.

A diamond engagement ring is both a sentimental and monetary investment. Since this is a huge investment of both emotion and hard-earned money, it may be a good idea to insure your spouse’sdiamond engagement ring, solitairediamond engagement ring or even diamond eternity ring. To learn more about our diamond insuring service, please click here.

Ring Size Guide

International ring sizes

Other countries use a different scale to the U.K; you can use the table below to help you decide which size you need

 Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm) Europe UK & Australia US & Canada
44.2 14.1 44 3
44.8 14.3 45 G  
45.5 14.5  
46.1 14.7 46 H  
46.8 14.9 47 4
47.4 15.1   I  
48.0 15.3 48 4½<
48.7 15.5   J  
49.3 15.7 49 5
50.0 15.9 50 K  
50.6 16.1  
51.2 16.3 51 L  
51.9 16.5 52 6
52.5 16.7   M  
53.1 16.9 53
53.8 17.1   N  
54.4 17.3 54 7
55.1 17.5 55 O  
55.7 17.7  
56.3 17.9 56 P  
57.0 18.1 57 8
57.2 18.2      
57.6 18.3   Q  
58.3 18.5 58
58.9 18.8 59 R  
59.5 19.0   9
60.2 19.2 60 S  
60.8 19.4 61
61.4 19.6   T  
62.1 19.8 62 10
62.7 20.0   U  
63.4 20.2 63 10½
64.0 20.4 64 V  
64.6 20.6   11
65.3 20.8 65 W  
65.9 21.0 66 11½
66.6 21.2   X  
67.2 21.4 67 12
67.8 21.6   Y  
68.5 21.8 68 Z 12½
69.1 22.0 69 Z  
69.7 22.2 70   13
70.4 22.4   Z+1  
71.0 22.6   Z+2 13½